Compucart Traystime saving trays for grocery carts to hold iPads, tablets, laptops, scanners and more


Price: $64.85* (Plus Shipping)
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Size: 14" x 13"


The Compucart iPad Mini Theft Deterrent Tray is a safe and secure workstation for your iPad mini, 7 inch Android or Windows tablet. The tray can be locked / unlocked in 3 seconds while providing a static-free stable platform / desktop for your device. For larger iPads / tablets try our IPAD Theft Deterrent Tray

Basically the iPad mini Theft Deterrent tray is termed inexpensive insurance, which protects an expensive iPad/tablet from not so gentle retail sales call. It is truly a wise investment.

iPad Mini Tray Features

Eliminate the possibility of theft by replacing the cumbersome, strapped on canvas tote that some representatives are required to wear, but usually don't! Static electricity that is generated from the representative walking throughout the sales call can eventually damage the iPad/tablet. You might compare it to shuffling your feet across carpet and touching someone to shock them. The material we use on our trays dissipates the static electricity and helps eliminate the possible damage. We have the professional methods that large companies use in the field. Our trays can be modified for specific customers' needs on orders of 50 or more.

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